About me


Professional astrologer, certified coach, tarologist, and numerologist, I have been engaged in astrology since 1996 and actively consulted since 2002. My higher technical (Moscow University of Civil Engineering) and economics (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration) education formed a logical and structured approach to the study and application of astrology in practice. Knowing well the Avestan and Vedic astrology, I prefer Western classical astrology (a diploma of the Moscow Academy of Astrology - MAA). My teachers are M.B. Levin (the head of MAA), Robert Hand, Noel Tyl, Robert Pelletier, John Frawley, and Oscar Hoffman. My teachers in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and coaching are Robert Dilts and Marilyn Atkinson (Erickson Coaching International).

I conduct astrological consultations and coach sessions in Moscow and New York in person and remotely - in Skype, by phone, and e-mail.

Consultation does not involve:
  • proving that astrology is working,
  • discussion of the work of other astrologers,
  • discussion of other customers and privacy violations,
  • judging and criticism,
  • choice or decision for you,
  • lies "for good," or white lies,
  • free services.
During consultation, I can help to:
  • understand the current situation,
  • learn the trends of the near and distant future in various areas,
  • assess business and personal compatibility, with the prospects of a union,
  • discover professional and financial opportunities and prospects,
  • discover the character, abilities, and talents of children,
  • help make choices and decisions,
  • realize the most important about you,
  • choose good times for important things,
  • сhoose a name for a child,
  • understand problems and correct them,
  • develop an effective plan of action to achieve the desired results,
  • feel confident about your present and future.