Fate and Will

One day a woman came to me for a consultation and said: "I feel that I do not live my life." Everything that surrounds me is alien to me, it's not my destiny. " I once had such an idea. It seemed to me that I went to study not in the same university, and from that moment everything went wrong, as it should go. Later, of course, I realized that everything always goes as it should. This is my destiny and my choice. After all, the subordination of someone's will, in my case, the parental, is also a choice.

The question of Fate and freedom of Will is eternal. What is their percentage? What influences a person, and what can he not influence? The idea of ​​total predestination can be rejected immediately. In most world religions, after death people are judged, giving an assessment of his deeds in life. It would be foolish to judge a programmed creature living according to the script. Therefore, we write the script ourselves. And this script is not the only one. There is a common strategic line of Destiny, there are abilities, there are opportunities, there are impossibilities. There are frames, but they are wide enough to accommodate many scenarios.

People make choices all the time. In the morning - to drink tea or coffee, later - to go somewhere or to be at home, what to do at home, where to go, with whom to go, with whom to live, how to live, where to live, where to work. By making these choices, people every hour, every day, every year weaves the thread of their Destiny. Opportunities, crossroads, the paths of all are different. All proposals are made based on the general intent of Destiny, and specific elections are in our power, with the realization of possible consequences. And often - without awareness.

There are fatal situations where there is no choice when we face a fact. Here we are dealing with Fate in its pure form. We are dealing with Destiny even when the choice is serious. In situations of marriage, education, career, childbearing, major acquisitions, crossings. All this can be chosen only when there is an opportunity, at the crossroads of life. At the point where the line of Destiny, like the metro line, allows transplants. Sometimes you need to wait for the necessary transplants for years.

We select a branch and "go" in the chosen direction until the next transfer. You can use the transplant, or you can skip it, continuing on the previously chosen route. Some branches are more interesting than others, we find ourselves at those who choose. Our whole life is the result of hotel elections and successive elections. And we can only accept their consequences. Do not shift responsibility to Fate. People are inclined to write off failures on Destiny, and achievements are attributed to their exceptional abilities. Both are true only in part. Percent at 50 approximately. In my opinion, this is true.