How to actually meet the year 2018

Every time on the eve of the New Year, the media is full of stories about how to properly celebrate the next beast so that the coming year will be favorable to us. Eastern tradition is deep and interesting, but we live in Western, in the European tradition. In a tradition where the week begins with Sunday, the day of the Sun, the first of the seven days of the creation of the world. Each day of the week corresponds to one of the seven Septenary Planets. Similarly, each year has its own Planetary Governor. The order of the planets differs from the order of the planets in our solar system. The calculation is carried out on the seven-pointed star of the Magi - an occult symbol, known even in the times of ancient Babylon, Egypt and India.

The Star of the Magi awaits us the year of Venus, not the yellow dog. Strictly speaking, the year does not begin on January 1 in any of the traditions, but the collective energy of this date gives it great power. Therefore, the energy moment of the moment works. The previous year 2017 was the year of the Sun, which the Lions felt well (the Sun is the ruler of the Leo sign). For them it was an eventful year. And now the reason to rejoice is Libra, Taurus and Pisces. Venus is a beneficent Planet. She sets the character of the year, and this character is easy, romantic, artistic, comfortable and financially secure. Venus does not give a lot of money, but always provides the necessary for a comfortable life. Of course, the main manifestation of Venus is associated with love. Also, Venus enhances personal charm and creativity. A perfect set, for which it is worth making several simple preparations and actions.

We honor and call Venus to help us. To do this, you need to use colors, flowers, stones and plants of Venus. Colors - gentle, pastel, Venus does not like bright colors. Optimum - pink, tender green, blue, lemon, white. Flowers - roses, lilies, violets, buttercups, lilacs, lilies of the valley. The fruits of Venus are strawberries, raspberries, figs. The stones of Venus are emerald, chrysolite, chrysoprase, rose quartz, amazonite. Venus corresponds with one of the most powerful magical plants - verbena, the main component in L'Elisir D'Amore. The vervain is associated with the main ritual of the year. A pinch of dried verbena (or a few drops of tincture) must necessarily be added to a glass of champagne with a traditional burned desire. You can do without burning, but the desire to make a guess is necessary. Venusian desire. About love and prosperity, about creativity and pleasure, about beauty and joy.

So, our ideal New Year set is pink or gently green vestments, roses, emeralds and verbena. Colors and flowers can be used in dressing and decorating a festive table. Stones can be used as decorations, or can simply be put in a pocket or on a table. Preferably, the stone is in contact with the body. The effect will increase if you do not leave the stone for at least a week. The right stones can create the most real miracles and fulfill their cherished desires. But about this later. In the meantime, we are tuning for the year of Venus - "Little Happiness", as Venus is called in astrology. And we will be ready to let this happiness into our lives.