Mysteries of a man's horoscope

Many years ago, when I was just starting to consult, I was struck by a question from a mature man aged 45. He said that in his life there are two women, and he loves everyone in his own way. Now he decided to finally get married. It is necessary to choose one and not to be mistaken. With this question, he came to me. Who to choose? Who to marry? Then I was very surprised. Can't a grown-up, intelligent man understand who he loves? Now I'm not surprised. I've dealt with such a question not frequently but regularly. And it was from men. What's the matter? Are they so infantile that they are not ready to make such a choice themselves? Or don't they have a heart, and they do not care? Or do they really love both equally? There is an answer to these questions. He is in the horoscope of birth. And, more precisely, in the relationship of the Moon and Venus in the man's horoscope. These two planets describe the image of the coveted woman. With the difference that the Moon is the image of the wife, the mother for the children, the keeper of the hearth, and Venus is the image of a romantic lover, a muse, a sexually attractive woman. What is more important, who, how and whom he chooses, we do not consider here. We are considering the conflict between the two planets. Badly compatible images on the Moon and Venus create certain difficulties. But the real problem is precisely the conflict between the Moon and Venus, the intense aspect relationship between them. Such a conflict causes a man to be torn between women who are dear to each in their own way. It can be not only potential candidates for the wife. Very often it is a wife and mistress, there is a life for two families. Depending on the set of factors horoscope, a man can behave differently. One will combine until the last, not having the strength to give up either one or the other woman. Another, not finding the desired, endlessly touches her friends. And in all something is missing. The third, the most determined, marry. 
After a while they fall in love with another. Get divorced, then get married again. Then the story repeats itself. And so on without end, while there is enough fuss. In this situation everyone suffers. Men also suffer. Especially those who are inclined to permanence. Yes, the permanence can be combined with the conflict of female images. These are persistent part-timers, as a rule. If you can hide the fact of a double life, then all is well. If the truth is revealed and not everyone is ready to put up with it, then such a man can seriously fall ill, even die from the inability to make a choice. Sometimes for illnesses and accidents there are also such reasons. What should a woman do? At a minimum, be aware of this conflict. Well, if before marriage. 
Such a candidate for a husband is suitable only for those who are ready to turn a blind eye to the partner's liberties. It is advisable to understand whether it is a constant or windy type. There will be one rival or a lot. Will leave or will hide well. It is desirable to understand what a man is looking for in relation to one and the other image. The most important thing is to find something that can reconcile or at least partially smooth the contradiction of the images of the Moon and Venus. But the best thing is to make sure that your man does not have such a conflict in his horoscope.