Spring equinox

March 20 at 19:15 on Moscow time the Sun will enter the sign of Aries. A new astronomical year begins. The spring equinox is one of the magic days when it is possible to make wishes with a high probability of their fulfillment. One can write down intentions and goals on one sheet. On the other - doubts and fears. Burn the second leaf. As for the first, it is necessary to say a few words about the peculiarities of the equinox this year.

This is a fairly rigid equinox, with the exact quadrature of Mars to the Sun. The tension and conflict aspect in astrology, it would seem, does not promise anything pleasant. But everything has two sides. If you act in the style of the square of Mars, then the year can become a turning point and even breakthrough. 

What is required of us? Act! The action is decisive and uncompromising. The coming year is exceptionally good for doing what I wanted for a long time, but I did not have the courage to do it. Even more a year is suitable for getting rid of what does not make us happy. It's time to say a hard "NO" to everything that slows down, limits, makes you feel bad. This is the year of cutting off the superfluous. Confidently, firmly, without regrets.

And the liberated energy should be directed to what is really important. The year gives an opportunity to seriously improve their social status. Strong Mars in Capricorn is imprisoned for career growth, and in the aspect of quadrature - to fight (civilized, of course) for a place under the Sun. Either you, or you. Either you take a step forward, or life pushes you back. Keep the status quo, idle, it is unlikely to succeed. Luck is known to love the brave. This is the main magic formula of the new astronomical year!