Successfully chosen moment is half the success

Analyzing the horoscopes of successful people, you can find that they did everything at the right time. What is the right time in terms of Astrology? There are several factors that are at play. First, in a person's horoscope, planetary indicators necessary for a particular case must be present. And they must be positive; otherwise, the result may be directly opposite from what is expected. Sometimes successful planetary interactions have to wait months or even years. But in the case of the necessary support in a personal horoscope, the case may progress better or worse. The scale of the results is different. What does it depend on? Every case, like a person, has a birth horoscope. And the birth of a business is the moment of a physical or symbolic start. In the horoscope of birth, there is information about the possibilities and the times of fate, i.e. periods of downs and ups, important events. It is hard to choose a successful horoscope in the case of a person, yet it is still possible to choose the day and hour of C-section in such a way that the expectations can be justified, the scale of the positive can be multiplied, and the negative minimized. History knows many examples when famous people resorted to the help of astrology. For example, the 40th US President Ronald Reagan always followed the instructions of his family astrologer Joan Quigley. Often, his negotiations, visits, and departures from military bases were scheduled for very uncomfortable times. His appointment for the governor of California at 5 am caused general astonishment. As a result, the two following presidential terms were quite successful. Americans consider Reagan one of the best presidents. If we look deeper into the past, we find that Cardinal Richelieu, who is well known to us from the novels of Alexandre Dumas, has coordinated all his actions wit an astrologer. Richelieu rarely lost. His personal astrologer Moren de Villefranche entered the story, leaving us with a unique system of houses of the horoscope. Moren de Villefranche was in demand with the nobility and until the end of his life he received a salary from the French royal court. His predictions came true, and the advice that he gave brought benefits and helped to avoid trouble. After the death of Richelieu, he collaborated with his successor Cardinal Mazarini. Christians of that era did not consider astrology a sin and willingly resorted to its help. Strong people of this world and in our day turn to astrology, without advertising it. There are also people who do not need astrology. They somehow surprisingly feel the moment for a breakthrough, they feel the place and time in which they have to be, feel what and when to undertake There are not that many of such people. Their intuition borders on a miracle, and it's priceless. For everyone else there is Astrology.