Transit of Venus in Pisces

On the February 10th, Venus enters the sign of Pisces, which brings changes in our emotional sphere. If with Venus in Aquarius we were reasonable, reserved and at times cold, then with Venus in Pisces we become soft, receptive and romantic. If recently we easily tolerated loneliness and preferred a company of friends, then with Venus in Pisces we are encompassed by the desire to be with your loved ones as much as possible, to dissolve into them and not let go of yourself for a long time.

Missing loved ones can replace immersion in the world of beauty. Music, painting, cinema and theater under the sign of Pisces lie on a fertile soil, touch to the depths of the soul, transfer to places where it would be desirable to be, fill many gaps in reality. The best that can be done from February 11 to March 7, go to painting or music classes to activate the right hemisphere of the brain. Imagination, fantasy and intuition against the background of Venus in Pisces will do more good than attempts to think logically and analyze.

With Venus in Pisces ideas and tips can come to us in a dream. On February 21, Venus will unite with Neptune. Three days before and three days after is the time of prophetic dreams. Do not forget to put a pen and notepad by the bed to write down what you saw. Deciphering can be the answer to exciting questions. Or the idea of ​​a million.

Those who want to get into shape before March 8 should prefer water procedures and thalassotherapy procedures. In general, the energy of Pisces rather involves indulging their weaknesses, and in no way a violent HLS. Go against nature is not worth it, it is better to go to sommelier courses and replenish your luggage with knowledge of great wines, well, of course, enjoy their taste. After all, Pisces and Neptune in astrology signify alcoholic beverages. A "new life" and active sports will perfectly go with Venus in Aries on March 7.

The dangers of the period are excessive self-indulgence, an unrealistic view of the relationship partners, possible deceptions. Be carefull! Take only the best from the Pisces sign!