Why I love Astrology

People have always wondered why everything happens as it happens. How the world works? The answers are different. Everyone is looking for his own. I found for myself the explanations and clues in Astrology. Astrology has become my main business, hobby, work, rest and love.

I love Astrology for giving hope. The graphs of the planetary interactions in the horoscope are such that after every recession the rise follows. We live by a sinusoid. This means that no one can complain of a hopelessly miserable life. The graph inevitably soars up after the failure. Our task is to take this take-off to the maximum. And then the next recession may prove to be a stabilization, not a fall.

I love Astrology for refuting the seeming injustice of the world. Refutes the senselessness of suffering. According to karmic Astrology, a series of incarnations of the Soul goes according to a plan that has the goal of making the Soul perfect. The path to perfection of the Soul assumes all the trials - happiness and sorrow, love and hatred, poverty and wealth, war and peace, illness and health, betrayal, feat, wisdom, luck, loss, catastrophe and glory. What we encounter in life is part of the plan. The other part is the area of ​​our responsibility and the consequences of the deeds. In this and past incarnations.

I love Astrology for the fact that she makes meaningless jealousy. The Soul's path did not begin here. The thread of Destiny is no longer the first incarnation. Everything that happens and does not happen to us, has deep roots. The path of each Soul is so unique and unique that any comparison is ridiculous.

I love Astrology for the fact that she talks about the nature, abilities, problems and tasks of a person a lot and at once. Without requiring tests, questions, and lengthy conversations.

I love Astrology because it gives answers to a lot of current questions and helps to orient yourself in the life "schedule".

I love Astrology for helping to make life easier and better. Helps you understand and accept yourself. Helps to become better.

I love Astrology for the fact that it works. It is impossible not to admire the genius of the Creator when you see the interconnection between the movement of the Planets and human destiny. I do not know anything more amazing and majestic. Of course, people are not given to understand the whole meaning of creation and understand all the laws of the world. The task is disproportionate to the mere mortal. But from the opportunity just to touch this Great Mystery is breathtaking.