Winter eclipses 2018

In 2018, we have two seasons of eclipses. The winter season is the corridor of eclipses from Lunar January 31 to Sunny February 16, 2018. What do they carry and how can this time be used? Eclipses are cyclical things. At a certain interval, they repeat, appearing in the same degrees of the Zodiac. Even before our era in Ancient Babylon, classifications of eclipses, known as the Saros series, were used. Each series of eclipses of the cycle of Saros has its own character and features of influence. There are eclipses with positive and negative influences.
Eclipses of one series are repeated at an interval of 18 years. One can recall the events of life 18 years ago, and this is a clue for understanding the influence of this series of eclipses on the life of each of us. The repetition, of course, is not literal. But the activity in the same spheres of life as it was 18 years ago is guaranteed to us.

In January and February we are dealing with the Saros 1S series. Here is her description: "This eclipse family has to do with ideas and their enthusiastic expression.If such an eclipse affects your map, you are drowning in a sea of ​​ideas and choices.It may seem that there is an element of haste here, but if you can act in concert with these new ideas, they will bring positive results. " B. Bredi

As can be seen from the description, this is a neutral eclipse, the effect of which largely depends on individual activity. In what sphere is possible and desirable activity, the location of the eclipse points in the birth horoscope will show. Eclipses will not affect everyone. Lions, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio born in mid-August, February, May and November (15 plus / minus 3 days), as well as representatives of these signs born on the border of the months, can expect events. For example, Aquarians born in the last three days of January or the first three days of February. We can also note the positive impact of the eclipse on representatives of aerial signs in the intellectual sphere and in the sphere of contacts, including personal ones. The exact nature and power of the influence of the eclipse can be assessed by analyzing the individual horoscope.

To benefit or, at least, a positive attitude from eclipses of a positive nature can everyone, if you do a little meditation - visualization at the time of the eclipse. Lunar eclipses, traditionally, are well used to form events of personal life and material sphere. Solar eclipses work perfectly to strengthen social positions - professional growth, education, creative development. Immersion in meditation with the representation of realized tasks in the required field at the time of eclipse helps not a miracle, but to any conscious effort to achieve the goals. To accumulate energy, it is advisable not to talk or consume information from any sources a few hours before the moment of eclipse and meditation. In Moscow time, the lunar eclipse will occur on 01/31/2018 at 16:27, the solar eclipse on February 16, 2013 at 00:05. A general recommendation for all signs during the eclipses is restraint and caution. Errors of eclipses have "long tails". As well as success, which is nice).