Astroinformoscopes are short, affordable, thematic written consultations.
Each consultation contains 2-3 pages of printed text that illuminates a certain area of ​​the horoscope, and consequently, the character or life of a person.

The materials underlying the interpretation are confirmed by years of experience with several thousand clients and their horoscopes.

Astroinformoscopes offer key information on topics of interest that every person will be useful and interested in learning about themselves or their loved ones.

The term of the consultations is 5 days.

The cost of any astroinformoscope is 80 dollars.
What are you doing here?

Sometimes it seems that life doesn't make sense. This is a great misconception. Life has both meaning and purpose. Each soul in this incarnation has quite specific goals and objectives. It also has challenges at the internal level and tasks in the external world. And everything that happens to us during the course of life leads us to the realization of our birth plan.

Who is your ideal partner?

In the horoscopes of birth, both men's and women's, one can find exhaustive information about a suitable partner: who, what type, where, and when.

The source of energy in a horoscope

For any action or event, energy is needed. The person's energy potential depends on his successes and achievements. A low inherent energy potential can be strengthened. In all cases, the energy must be regularly replenished. If you want more from life, increase your energy level.

The pyramid of logical levels

Everyone who was ever interested in NLP or coaching knows about the pyramid of logical levels of Robert Dilts. It is a universal structure that describes a person: from his talents, abilities, and behavioral patterns to deep inner values ​​and motivations that ultimately determine the key mission and what a person is capable of giving to this world.

Philosopher's Stone

Since the ancient times, alchemists and astrologers have tried to unravel the secret of the philosopher's stone: a stone (or magical elixir) that turns a simple metal into gold. Whether somebody has succeeded in this or not, history is silent. But to this day, the desire to enrich and succeed in it is one of the basic desires of mankind.

Your uniqueness

What sets you apart from hundreds of others? What is the highlight of your personality? What is your main talent? This is about what can and should become a basis for self-confidence, optimism, and high self-esteem.

Your personal myth

In the horoscopes of famous and influential people, you can find special notes. These are fixed stars that can lift a person above the crowd. The birth horoscope of each person is marked by the influence of fixed stars. The stars are part of the constellations, which are archetypal structures. Myths of the ancient world, legends, and archetypes are reflected today, in the character and destiny of man.

Cinderella Time
In the life of every woman, there are periods when luck is around the corner. At such moments, the doors open to happiness in their personal lives, in career success, and to material prosperity. A key to these doors is the asteroid Chiron.