Cinderella Time

In the life of every woman, there are periods when luck is around the corner. At such moments, the doors open to happiness in their personal lives, in career success, and to material prosperity. A key to these doors is the asteroid Chiron.

Cinderella Time concept is the product of the New York Astrological Magi Society. American astrologers have found that during the periods of Chiron's interaction with Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, women become more attractive, worthy men come into their lives, and it is possible to get married successfully.

Indeed, the rule works. But the modern life makes its own adjustments. Not all women dream of meeting a prince. And some people already have it, but this is not a reason to refuse bonuses of a happy period. My experience has shown that the success of these time periods is not connected only with romantic and marriage opportunities. All our dreams are different. Someone dreams of a marriage, someone else - children, or a business, or an apartment, or money, or an amazing trip.

The Cinderella Gateway is open several times in one's life. To miss such a time is the tip of extravagance and sometimes an unrecoverable mistake. Learn about your happy time and take it to the maximum.

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