The source of energy in a horoscope

For any action or event, energy is needed. The person's energy potential depends on his successes and achievements. A low inherent energy potential can be strengthened. In all cases, the energy must be regularly replenished. If you want more from life, increase your energy level.

How do we do it? In the horoscope, several planets and houses are responsible for the energy potential. The key ones are the Second House, the Moon, the Sun, Mars, and Pluto. The energy of the planets guides not only your achievements but also the level of your personal attractiveness. 

The location and interrelationship of the key energy factors of the horoscope describe only your individual approach to energy recharging. Getting access to the power is easier than it seems. You just have to act in accordance with the directions of your birth horoscope. After all, what gives energy to one person may prove energy-draining for another.

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