What are you doing here?

Sometimes it seems that life doesn't make sense. This is a great misconception. Life has both meaning and purpose. Each soul in this incarnation has quite specific goals and objectives. It also has challenges at the internal level and tasks in the external world. And everything that happens to us during the course of life leads us to the realization of our birth plan.

The human birth horoscope contains all the necessary information about what to strive for, what to do, how to do it, where to do it, and when. The horoscope describes the tools with which we can solve our karmic problems. 

To dismiss your vital tasks is impossible. If you don't follow the directions of the horoscope, then life will be pushing in the right direction. First gently, and then very forcefully. It will take away the most valuable. But the reward for "exemplary" behavior will be getting the most desired. Of course, for everyone, it's his own.

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