Your personal myth

In the horoscopes of famous and influential people, you can find special notes. These are fixed stars that can lift a person above the crowd. The birth horoscope of each person is marked by the influence of fixed stars. The stars are part of the constellations, which are archetypal structures. Myths of the ancient world, legends, and archetypes are reflected today, in the character and destiny of man.

With each constellation and its key stars, there are connected stories that are surprisingly played out and repeated in people's lives, adjusted for the circumstances of the modern world. 

In addition to the mythological component, the fixed stars have a powerful influence on those spheres of life that they touched in the horoscope. The stars give good luck but with observance of the rules of the game. The stars may subject you to trials and warn against dangers and temptations; they give clues and point the way. 

You can find out which stars are shining for you, what opportunities they give, what they warn against, and what stories they carry into your life.

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