Monthly Horoscope
Horoscope contains the general characteristics of the month, key astrological events and influences concerning all representatives of the Zodiac. Horoscopes on the signs of the Zodiac contain individual information for each sign.
Horoscope for the year
The forecast for 2019. Astrological background of the year of Mercury. What a year brings to every sign of the Zodiac.
Horoscope of birth on-line
Here you can build your birth horoscope on-line. Automatic interpretation of the positions of the planets, houses and aspects gives an opportunity to learn more about yourself. Information may not coincide with your perception of yourself and, moreover, prove to be contradictory and mutually exclusive. To date, there are no programs that can perform a synthesis of all indicators of the horoscope and give an objective characterization of the personality. This can only be obtained through an individual consultation. Nevertheless, some points can be useful and interesting to you.