Monthly Horoscope


April, beginning thoughtfully and indistinctly, will pick up momentum by the end of the first decade. And by the last decade is able to become a super efficient business month. The first week is marked by the merging of Mercury with Neptune, fogging in and leaving unanswered questions.
But after the new moon on April 5th comes clarity, energy is added. You can go ahead. New Moon - not easy. The squares of Saturn hint that this month is not for fun. Of course, you can have fun, but you will certainly do important things first.
In April, three important Planets unfold on the retro. The first on April 10 will be Jupiter. Jupiter is associated with goals, and its reversal will help everyone to determine the closest and most important. Pluto and Saturn are already slowing down, but they will become retrograde only at the end of the month. During the period of the reversal of the Planets' energy the most concentrated. And the energies of Saturn and Pluto are not easy. Many will feel internal stress.
It may seem like little energy. But this is an illusion. Its too much. And so that these surpluses do not put pressure on the organism weakened after winter, it is necessary to work with this energy. How? Everything - in the halls, swimming pools, stadiums, on simulators and yoga mats. Starting to actively engage in sports you will be surprised at the power that was hidden in you. Accelerate and use this nuclear fuel wherever it is needed. Both in work, and in personal.
Pluto - Planet magical. If you strongly want, then chances are that the plan will be fulfilled. Working with desires in the second half of the month is the time. April 20 Venus enters Aries, and the Sun in Taurus. Great time to want and do. Interesting days are April 22-24. The sun meets Uranus. Surprise time. For someone - beautiful, for someone - not very. What and to whom - can be found in personal consultation. For now the general forecast for signs:

Time to monetize your talents and skills. To strive for material gain is necessary, it is an important criterion of efficiency. Your talent to find companions, congenial people who support your plans, will help you. Express feelings and express thoughts openly and boldly, as is characteristic of your fiery nature. It attracts sincere friends and repels deceitful and two-faced people. In April, there may be unexpected cash receipts, debt repayment. This month, you will show yourself as an active and extremely practical person, standing with two feet on the ground.
April is the time for the maturation of an idea and its introduction into life. However, the clarity of the intentions of the beginning of the month in its second half will be subject to revision. Despite direct Mercury, do not wait for unambiguous answers and decisions until April 13. This is a creative period, when the subtle perception of the world is exacerbated, and the sense of beauty is enhanced. On the eve of the birthday many Taurus will feel the need to improve their financial level. After all, the welfare and personal tranquility of Taurus depend on the state of the wallet. Wait for the idea of ​​enrichment, it is on the way.
Time of personal activity, both mental and physical. Sport, care for the form, a balanced diet will keep you optimistic and cheerful throughout the month. Career tasks, professional affairs in the second half of the month will give way to meetings with friends and favorite hobbies. The whole month intuition works at full capacity. Use it to find answers to such questions as: do I go there, do I act correctly, am I there, where should I be? Travel and travel plan for the second half of the month. It is on trips you can get answers to exciting questions. Even the shortest on the subway.
Gain knowledge, strengthen the materiel. Travel physically and mentally, expand any boundaries, geographic and ideological. The first half of the month is theory, the second is practice. In the second half of the month you should start to apply new knowledge, demonstrate your skills and work on the result. For example, if you are completing training courses, then you should take care of getting a diploma. And without delay, start practicing. In April, Cancers are romantically tuned and for good reason, many expect pleasant events in their personal lives. Family spouses and children will delight.
In the first half of the month highlighted the topic of finance, taxes, insurance. Here everything must be done flawlessly. You are immersed in work, and it will bring the expected financial result. From the second half of the month, the emotional-sensual sphere will remind of itself. Passions will boil. For some it will be with a plus sign, and for someone it will lead to serious disagreements with partners in relations. It is possible to keep the situation within the framework if you think a little more about others and often put yourself in their place. The reward for sensitivity will be sincere confessions and pleasant surprises.
From the beginning of the month you are determined to work and not scare you. You are even willing to take risks to achieve your cherished goals. This attitude infects the thirst for success and the victory of all others. Collective efforts will help in the most difficult ca