Horoscope of the birth on-line

On this page, with the help of the antaresprocessor Antares-web, You have the online capability to build your own Individual horoscope and get his computer interpretation for free. When you open the page, you see the "Current horoscope" - a map With the current position of the planets at a given time and coordinates Moscow.

In order to get your individual birth horoscope, Enter your name, day, month, Year and time of birth (note that for an individual horoscope The accuracy of the birth time (!) Is very important, and also pay The attention that by default the time setting in the GMT mode is enabled(I.e., without the time zone and the "summer / winter" time), If you enter the local time of your birth (it is better to do just that (!), You need to switch the checkbox to "local"). Further, Select in the drop-down menu "Geographical coordinates" first country, Then the region and city (locality) of his birth, while The latitude and longitude fields are filled in automatically. Further, in the table "Options" you have the ability to select some visual and Functional settings of the map, but if you are not familiar with the practical Astrology, better leave it at that. In order to build your own Horoscope, just click "Create a horoscope ".

After a few seconds, you will be able to download " Natal horoscope " with your map Birth, under which you will see a table with a list of objects, Depicted on the map, their astrological and astronomical parameters. To get a full description of your individual horoscope, select In the drop-down menu "Horoscope" the line "Interpretation". Separate interpretations Position in the horoscope of each particular object, you can get in Table "Coordinates and status of planets" by clicking on the title-link of any Object of interest.