Annual Horoscope

Images of signs - the series "Signs of the Zodiac" by Mikalojus K. Ciurlionis.

Aries in the first half of the year will be focused on career and business issues. Some representatives of this sign, not distinguished by discipline and diligence, are threatened with layoffs. But for those Arieses who worked well, the year promises excellent results - increases, new projects, successful opportunities and prospects. As a consequence, revenue will grow.

For most of the year, the situation is favorable for business and real estate investment. The issues of lending will be solved easily. The loans taken this year have all chances of early repayment. There will also be the possibility of closing old debts.

In the zone of special attention during the year will be educational issues. The study begun or completed in 2018 will not become just another "crust." The results of this can become a stepping stone for career growth and a new understanding of your place in society.

In the second half of the year, it is advisable to devote time to your health and psychological state. For the body, a trip to some water will be useful, and for the soul - a trip to the ashram, a pilgrimage tour, yoga-retreat, or a psychological training will help. Travel for you is a dedicated theme of the year, and it can develop exceptionally well.

The coming year offers wonderful romantic prospects for Taurus. If you are free, you have a happy opportunity to meet your soul mate and enter into a marriage. Those who are already married can enjoy a wonderful relationship.

The attractiveness of Taurus in the eyes of the opposite sex reaches a maximum. Taurus, whose work is "in sight", will gain popularity. The number of your fans, partners and customers will go up dramatically. On the crest of this success, a serious career breakthrough is possible.

You gain a clear view of life, a clear understanding of your values ​​and goals. You are left alone with the most important questions of your life. Someone has accumulated these questions in the sphere of personal relations, someone in the sphere of career. Not that the coming year will give all the answers, but it will cut off all unnecessary, leaving you with a list of pros and cons. It's time to rejoice at the successes and achievements and start working on the sagging issues. And there is no place for emotions - only clear, pragmatic, and business-like mindset.

The last quarter of the year will allow you to relax, give more time to friends, hobbies, cultural activities, and trips.

The Twins have to rely on themselves for most of the year. It is high time to put things in order in papers, in finances and in their regularly recurring mysterious dissolution in space. It's time to take out a calculator and balance out the books.

Help will arrive no earlier than fall, but it can be very significant. Business alliances and collaborations at the end of the year promise good profits in the future. A personal acquaintance is quite capable of growing into something big, pleasant to the heart, the mind, and the budget. For those Geminis whose profession assumes popularity in broad and not so broad circles, it is time to show the world their best qualities. Much will depend on the qualities, but you can safely count on the favor of the audience.

During the year, successful investment in real estate is possible, but large borrowing should be avoided. It will not be easy to repay large debts. The last quarter of the year gives you the opportunity to get the most out of the results and the pleasure of working.

An important theme of the year is health. For those who have not visited health facilities for a long time, it's time to undergo a full-fledged examination.
For Cancers, it is time to test the strength of business and personal relationships. It's time to decide with whom you will go on in life further, and who should become a page of history. For someone, this process will be painful, for someone it will be an easy and logical completion of the topic. For both, everything that happens will serve as a personal evolution and will clear the territory for more successful alliances. Serious and deep relations will not be threatened by anything. Many unformed unions will get legal registration.

Activity in personal relationships should not distract the Cancers from professional and business issues. Surprises can be expected from the authorities or those who have the right to ask you for report. Be ready to give exhaustive answers to all the questions. And then summer vacation will really be deserved.

Most of the year is marked by increased secular activity, an abundance of cultural events, entertainment. Traveling to rest will bring you a lot of positivity, and, very likely, will open a new topic in your personal life.

Cancers - parents will be pleased with the successes of their children, and some of the Cancers have a serious chance of an addition to the family.

The Lions won't get to count on easy money in the coming year; there will be no miracles. But for those who work hard, the reward can exceed expectations. This is the year of recognition of your professionalism and diligence. You can wait for promotion and pay raise. If management does not already know this, it can be delicately suggested. For Leos - independent entrepreneurs, the year gives an opportunity for a successful start-up and the strengthening of existing projects.

Emotional work also involves rewards - beloved and close people will reciprocate, and children will be pleased with the behavior and successes.

This year, you will succeed in everything that has the purpose of expanding and improving living conditions. You can start repairs, construction, make large acquisitions in the house. Questions of buying and exchanging real estate can be solved unexpectedly easily and successfully.

Leos who have not yet met their mate can expect an important meeting. The danger of the year is extravagance and excessive shopping. It does, however, make sense to spend money on large acquisitions of long-term use. A good investment can be the purchase of a prestigious vehicle, and the best is real estate.
Virgo is open to new acquaintances. Relations with relatives, friends and even neighbors are excellent. Joint plans and trips, interesting intellectual communication, correspondence, activity in social networks - all are the features of the year.
If you have long wanted to write or publish an already written book, be sure to do it in the coming year. The interest of the readers is guaranteed. A picture or a word thrown into social networks will have a big resonance.

All year you are open to friendly, intellectual and personal communication. Mobility, dynamism, and contentedness are the bases of your success. Do not be modest; it's time to do self-piracy. Any activity on the Internet will bring you success.

Questions of study and education have a stellar support. The knowledge acquired this year will become your active tool and will bring good dividends.

In the professional area, the year is going to be active. There will be a lot of work. But the return from the work will be worthy. For Virgos who are in search of their second half, the year can bring a fateful meeting. Family Virgos will be immersed in the issues of raising children and beautifying the house. It will be easier to cope with the house.
For Libra, the coming year is successful financially. Those Libra, who prepared their success and worked with great results in past years, will feel themselves in a cash flow. Those Libras who earned good money last year can also enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Warm up in the rays of success a little more, just not for too long. The second half of the year calls Libras to think about new projects, tasks and plans. Creative projects, educational and intellectual activities, journalism, publishing, writing, as well as any activity on the Internet can be the most successful. There will not be much time left for rest and entertainment.

You earn well but spend it even better. Excessive scope threatens the budget, especially in the case of spending on pleasure and entertainment. The exception to the rule is the the spending on children. Here, being frugal is inappropriate. Education in general and education of children is an important topic of the year.

The proper distribution of forces, time, and resources is the basis of success. Diligence and discipline will bring you considerable financial benefits. The year gives you the opportunity to update your fleet. And towards the end of the year, start looking at attractive real estate.
Scorpions are some of the favorites of 2018. Jupiter opens a new page in your life. All that you have long wished to do, but postponed to "later," is ready to be realized and become a matter of your pride. The main thing is purposeful efforts. Prioritize, select the first item from the list, and proceed.

Particularly favored are the issues of personal life, welfare, education, as well as work on own's image. A competent self-presentation and advertising of your talents will help you to gain success, both among people of the opposite sex, and among employers and business partners. That will in turn affect the financial performance in the second half of the year.

Keep track of the weight, as this year, not only credibility can grow. It is necessary to be wary of unhealthy optimism and separation from reality. The scope should be broad but justified. Do not overestimate your abilities, do not spray energy, and concentrate on the main thing. For someone, it will be about a job, but for someone else - personal life. After all, this year, your attractiveness will increase significantly. This is a good time for changing the image and updating the wardrobe.

There will be many occasions where the Scorpions will not go unnoticed. Against the background of active social life, don't forget about your family. They need you no less than the others.
Sagittarians have serious internal work to do. This is the year of revealing your potential. Discover new talents or well-forgotten old abilities that can be used with success this year. 2018 for you is a year of low start, when you need to accumulate resources, make plans and develop strategies. All this you will need in the fall. The results directly depend on the quality of the preparation. The end of the year is the time of your triumph.

A great help during the year will be your intuition. Tips and answers to questions can come to you in a dream. As never before, you will feel the presence and help of your Guardian Angel.

For the year characterized by a decrease in the number of contacts, preference will be given to proven people and business partners. The year provides an opportunity for large investments in real estate, subject to readiness to "tighten the belt." If a serious object for investment is not visible, then the frugality mode will be the most correct tactic of the year. The idea is not dropped but postponed.

A careful attitude is also required in health. However, in the second half of the year you will have good opportunities to strengthen physically and spiritually in traveling with friends and relatives.
From the Capricorns the coming year will require great dedication, discipline and diligence. Targeted, consistent and persistent actions will lead you to well-deserved progress in your career.

Family affairs will also take time. Careful and caring attitude to close people will give you a sense of satisfaction and a sense of correctness of your actions. For single Capricorns, the focus of attention is the inner world.

An important task of the year is to realize one's true desires and adjust the life course if necessary. Be sensitive and attentive. Important information can come to you in an unexpected way - accidentally heard in a conversation, in a dream, or when you click a TV remote. Traditional sources of information may not work.

The Internet this year for you should be not for entertainment but for work. Increasing the educational level is the best thing you can spend your free time on. Look around - isn't there too much idle communication in your life? Don't minutes, hours and months of precious time flow through your fingers? Very soon, a new round of evolutionary development will begin in your life. Take care that it is at a level higher than before.

Building long-term plans for the future is relevant, both for themselves and for older children.
Aquarius in 2018 will succeed in business. It is possible to increase the position and income. Perhaps there will be a proposal of new prestigious work. Business projects go up the hill. Creative and public projects will bring success and popularity. But behind each success, there is a great amount of long-term work. It's not a smile of fortune, it's a natural result, not short-term but stable and long-lasting.

Teamwork and the involvement of colleagues and like-minded people will be the most effective. You can delegate some of the responsibility to others. The released time will allow you to find new friends, see new opportunities, and set new goals. You should also pay attention to issues of personal life.

Single Aquarians have a series of dizzying romances, especially in the second half of the year. The attached ones will also be embraced by a romantic mood; a "second wind" is revealed in marital relations, and new amazing features are revealed in close people.

Children are pleased with their successes which will be associated with considerable expenses. But the children's development and education in 2018 is precisely the best investment.
The coming year encourages Pisces to gain internal support in their faith, the system of values ​​and worldview. Traditionally, an excellent support can be a quality education. Any educational impulses are welcome, for example, in learning a foreign language.

Prospective student Pisces can count on luck, which, of course, does not exclude serious preparation. Already well-educated Pisces more than once will say thank you for the time spent in the classrooms. You are welcomed in the largest and most prestigious companies. Dare! The higher the ambition, the higher the result. Those wishing to get a second and third education won't have to regret it either.

Expand your horizons this year, and you can and should travel. It will be especially successful to develop cooperation with representatives of other countries and cultures. Any way out to the international level is potentially successful. If there is a desire and opportunity, take a closer look at foreign real estate.

Pisces solving legal issues this year can count on the favor of Themis (the Greek goddess of "good counsel").

The whole year is a good time for promoting: of both goods and services and of your beloved self. Cast aside modesty; this year, aggressive PR will win.