To order a consultation, you need to write to me at mail a letter with the reason for contacting an astrologer, questions, description of the situation and the following data:
1. Date of birth (day, month, year)
2. Place of birth (city, city , region, country)
3. time of birth (time during the day or interval, from which time is known, the expected accuracy of the specified time plus / minus)
4. place of residence at present (city, region, country)

In the reply letter I will recommend the most suitable type of consultation, I will name the cost, the term Details and payment procedure. I will ask additional questions if they arise. If the time of birth is known approximately, it is necessary to carry out the procedure of rectification - the specification of the time of birth. To do this, I will send a questionnaire with questions about the events of life. I recommend also to specify the birth time, indicated on the tag from the hospital. By experience, the time indicated on the tag always deviates from the exact one, which is of great importance in forecasting. The rectification procedure is carried out once, and the time obtained serves all life.

Payment is carried out on a bank card, Yandex-money, PayPal, Western Union. After payment, the preparation period is from 7 to 14 days, depending on the format of the consultation (in person, in Skype, by phone, by e-mail in hard copy). Duration of oral consultation 1 - 1.5 hours. Each consultation is an analysis and synthesis of all indicators of the horoscope, and not a fragmented description of individual provisions. Written consultations contain 7-12 pages of unique author's text.

Annual forecast and analysis of current situation

The service offers general characteristics of the period, tendencies of the coming year in the main life spheres, and expected changes and events.

Business astrology

The consultation is aimed at planning and developing the business, solving current problems, increasing profits, and minimizing risks.


The accuracy of the time of birth significantly affects the quality of forecasting and the effectiveness of consultations. Identifying the exact time of birth is the goal of the rectification procedure.
Astrological compatibility analysis

The consultation helps better understand the partner and the self, the mutual needs and expectations in the relationship, as well as the pros, cons, and prospects of the union.

Astrological analysis and prognosis in the sphere of personal life
The consultation is for those who face long or repetitive difficulties in their relationships or a lack of personal relationships; includes a detailed analysis, recommendations, and a forecast for three years. 
Career Guidance
The consultation covers the areas of individual abilities/talents, career suggestions, financial success, suitable education, business abilities and prospects, and periods suitable for activity.

Children's horoscope

The consultation covers psychological characteristics, character, abilities, and talents of your child. Recommendations for harmonious communication and development are given.

Horary Astrology

This is the oldest astrological technique which gives concrete answers to specific questions based on the current astrological map and built at the time of the question.

The choice of favorable dates (the beginning of the case, marriage, operation)

This service selects successful days for marriage, important events, deals, advertising, operations, and new business openings.
Relocation (horoscopes of moving)

The technique of astrocartography allows you to choose the most favorable places for living and recreation. The emphasis can be on luck in a particular area or on a favorable picture in general.

Selection of a good place to meet the Solar Return
It is not necessary to wait humbly for what will happen. Take the most out of your year,  increase your luck, and minimize the risks.
Astrological analysis of a natal chart

All the most important and interesting about you: the description of psychological characteristics, strengths, abilities, and problem areas for all major life spheres, plus the direction of your destiny and the goals of your incarnation.

Individual style and diet

The service will explore a style that reflects your personality and enhances attractiveness. IT will also look at the nutrition system that is right for you and allows you to maintain health and beauty.

Wish manifestation with stones

The strength and ability of the stones to influence a person and the events of life are like a miracle. This miracle has an explanation. In nature, everything is interconnected.

Child's name
The name is a set of influential symbols, the literal code of Destiny. It is very important that the name help to realize the potential of the horoscope and bring good luck.
Conception and childbirth

The service offers: a detailed analysis of the birth horoscope in the house/s of children; overcoming possible problems; selection of successful periods for conception, and the choice of beneficial days and hours for the planned birth.

Predictions with Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are an amazing prognostic tool that gives accurate and wise answers to any questions: about love and family, work and finances, trips and health, purchases and studies, and character and destiny.

Coaching sessions

Individual work aimed at achieving concrete results in a specific time frame, in all areas of life.