Astrological compatibility analysis

350 $
Period of execution
7 days

The consultation on compatibility answers a whole series of questions. You will learn about the nature, habits, and preferences of your partner and get a description of your ideal partner. You will find out how much you correspond to the ideals and expectations. 

What is the impact of this person on your life? What connects you? You'll see the strengths and weaknesses of the union and the ways to overcome possible disagreements. The service will also cover the general financial outlook, a possibility of having children, and opportunities for joint management of household and business. 

The prospect of marriage, probability of divorce, crisis periods, and optimal tactics during crises will also be discussed.

The consultation includes a forecast for the development of relationship and the forecast of a private life of the customer outside the framework of this relationship. 

For consultation, the complete birth data for both partners, the length of dating, the dates of marriage and turning points in the relationship are required.