Children's horoscope

200 $
Period of execution
7 days

This consultation helps parents - better understand the personality and character of the child, improve mutual understanding with him and build a harmonious relationship. -to know what in the nature of the child should work, and what you just need to accept as a unique personality characteristics. - describes the features of the child's interaction with parents, friends and collectives.  - offers ways to overcome possible communication problems.  - describes the features of thinking and perception of information, the ability to learn, the propensity to one or another subject, capable of becoming the basis of the future profession.

 - reveals the talents and creative abilities of the child.  - covers issues of nutrition and physical development (energy potential, professional or amateur sports, suitable sports).  - affects health issues, vulnerable areas of the body, disease prevention. Consultation is provided either verbally (personally, phone, Skype) or in writing (e-mail). The duration of oral consultation is 1-1.5 hours. Written consultation contains 6-8 pages of the author's printed text, which is not an analysis of individual provisions, but a synthesis of unique horoscopic data.