Child's name

150 $
Period of execution
4 — 10 days

The person's name can significantly strengthen the positive factors of the birth horoscope, help a person realize their best abilities, lead the correct way. 

Similarly, an unsuitable name can create difficulties and obstacles even where there should not be. There are many examples where people changed their name or took a pseudonym, and the picture of their life became different. 

It is very important that the energies of the birth horoscope be in tune with the energies of the name. Otherwise, there is a dissonance, an internal conflict that prevents self-identification and finding your Way in life.

A happy and resonating with a horoscope name is the best gift to a newborn. As a result of the selection from the parents, there will be a choice of 6-15 names with a description of the specifics of this or that name.