Coaching sessions

100 $

When working with birth horoscopes, a situation often arises. The client learns from the consultation of their strengths and weaknesses, problem areas or the complexity of the current moment. S/he agrees but does not know what to do next. To accept and be humble is the lot of the weak. Most choose the path of active self-improvement and feasible influence on life circumstances. After all, a horoscope and a forecast are not a verdict but an occasion for reflection and effective, relevant and timely actions. 

Astrology gives a lot of clues along the way.  And coaching helps to find the necessary motivations here and now, to find internal and external resources, ideal tools, to put specific tasks and designate the terms of their implementation. The coach helps the client to take the first step, not to stop half way, and get satisfaction from the process and the result. 

The duration of the coach session is 60 minutes. Conducted in the form of a personal conversation or in Skype. The number of sessions depends on the task. In some cases, one or two conversations are sufficient; in some cases eight to ten sessions are required.