Conception and childbirth

200 $
Period of execution
7 — 14 days
The consultation helps to plan pregnancy and helps to minimize the risks of miscarriage. An evaluation of the horoscope indicators of birth with recommendations of natural conception or IVF is given. What is preferable - a natural birth or a cesarean section - is discussed.

What can be an obstacle to conception? What promotes comfortable nurturance and the birth of a healthy child. The service includes selection of favorable periods for the onset of pregnancy, followed by its successful course, and birth, also the time selection for successful IVF.

The service offers the selection of the day and hour for planned delivery. This is a unique opportunity to give your child a happy horoscope, and hence a happy fate. Even in a small interval, the days and hours of birth fundamentally differ from one another. This is not an interference in the Creator's plan. If such a fate for the child is not provided, then the circumstances will make their own adjustments. And, if everything goes according to plan, then the Soul is allowed to receive such a head start at birth. And it's great!