Horary Astrology

100 $
Period of execution
5 days

Horary technology allows you to quickly, efficiently, and very specifically answer the question posed. An important condition is that the situation should be urgent and relevant. On general questions (whether I will marry? when will I get rich?) horary astrology does not respond. Examples of horary questions: Will the deal be concluded? Will I get this job? Which of the two jobs should I choose? (You will describe both jobs - you make the decision yourself) Should I buy this apartment/car? How does he feel about me? What is the future of our relationship? Should I choose this or that? (information for decision) Will I be able to win? Will we get married? Do I need to accept a job offer / business? Do I have to go on a trip? Will this education help me in my career? Will the deal be profitable? You can ask similar questions about loved ones.
In a number of cases, I consider not only a horary horoscope but also a birth horoscope. In this consultation, it is advisable to ask a question by phone or leave it on the answering machine. Additionally, the question should be duplicated to the mail with the birth data.