Individual style and diet

200 $
Period of execution
7 days

You can refer to the stylist in search of your ideal image. You can take tests, try fashion diets, visit a dietician in an effort to be slim and energetic. But there is a shorter way. 

All you need to know about your image and style is in the horoscope. The combination of the Sun sign with the Moon, Venus, Ascendant in the birth horoscope will give all the necessary information about the winning colors, stylistics and fashion trends that will make of you a woman who is difficult to resist. 

Likewise, assessing key indicators for physical condition, energy and ideal shape will help to be slim without harm to health. Products that help lose weight. Prohibited products. Products that give strength to you personally. 

The consultation gives recommendations on the timing - the beginning and duration - of the periods of easy weight loss during the year.