Predictions with Tarot Cards

50 $
Period of execution
3 days
Tarot cards are an amazing prognostic tool, giving accurate and wise answers to any questions. About love and health, about work and finances, about trips and studies, about the nature and destiny.

In the Tarot cards, the collective unconscious is hidden, where, as you know, there is everything. Every question has an answer. Tarot illuminate what is hidden, give advice, console, joke, sometimes swear. It is a unique interlocutor communication with which is useful and interesting.

For many years, I have been using Tarot cards to answer questions from customers. Maps can complement astrological consultations with detailed updates. But they also work great as an independent prognostic tool in all life situations and spheres.

The consultation is carried out in Skype - duration is 30 minutes. The possibility of personal meeting is negotiated individually.