50 $
Period of execution
5 days

Rectification is the identification of the exact time of birth from the events of one's life. If the horoscope works "backward," and it reflects past events, then it will successfully work "forward", illuminating the future, giving the characteristics of a person, and the important areas of life and situations. 

The time of birth is rectified in the case of an interval of birth of several minutes to three hours. This accuracy is necessary, since a time error of even four minutes gives an error in the forecast of an event by one year. 

To carry out rectification, you need to fill out a questionnaire, which I'll send by email. The cost of rectification depends on the interval of uncertainty. From 3500 (the closest to real birth time) to 8000 rubles (birth time within a three hour period). 

In case of complete uncertainty during the day of birth, the issue of rectification is discussed individually.