Relocation (horoscopes of moving)

150 $
Period of execution
7 — 12 days
Sometimes the cause of failure in this or that life area is related to the place of residence of a person. Key indicators for an important topic at the place of residence are in a non-winning position. Moving allows you to "get them out from under the impact."

The issue is not always acute. But the picture of life with the move inevitably changes. It is important that it changes for the better. There are factors that are highly undesirable to allow relocation in the horoscope, for example, risks to health and life. Planning the move, choosing between several places of life, you should evaluate their impact on important life spheres and choose the most favorable place. This is very important when choosing the best place for children's education. A few years of life in another city, and even more so in another country, can significantly affect a child's life and learning outcomes.

It is possible to select countries and cities in a wide range with an eye on harmonization of a certain sphere.

The cost of consultation depends on the number of places expected and on the number of people moving.