The choice of favorable dates (the beginning of the case, marriage, operation)

150 $
Period of execution
7 — 14 days
A horoscope for the birth of a family or business is like a man's birth-date. He determines fate. Having the opportunity to choose, you can ensure good luck, love, prosperity and abundance - everything you need in accordance with the tasks.

The day of the event, like the birthday, has a huge impact on the future. According to the horoscope of a marriage or company, you can successfully predict the key stages and important periods of the future. The beginning of the advertising campaign, the presentation, the opening, appointed on a good day, provide the desired efficiency.

A successful wedding date is able to improve compatibility, provide prosperity, respect and love to the union. Compatibility assessment is not included in the consultation.

For scheduled operations, time selection helps to transfer surgical intervention more easily, recover faster, get a good aesthetic result (if it is the goal of the operation). The final cost of the service depends on the search interval.