Wish manifestation with stones

100 $
Period of execution
5 — 10 days

The strength and ability of the stones to influence a person and the events of life are like a miracle. This miracle has an explanation. In nature, everything is interconnected. The stars correspond to the planets, the planets correspond to the degrees of the zodiac, degrees and planets correspond to stones and minerals. 

The stones themselves have strong energy vibrations. And in relation to the individual birth horoscope, to the desired point, to the desired planet, these vibrations multiply. The energy is directed exactly to the target. 

The goal you define is your long unresolved problem, the cherished desire, the main aspiration of the current moment. And the task of the astrologer is to find the points in your horoscope, which you need to press with the right stones.

As a result of the consultation, you will receive a list of stones with a description of their influence and recommendations for wearing.